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In which direction ?

(Translation in English at the end.For the entire article press the title)

Bine..erau mai multe directii ce nu au incaput.
Multumesc tuturor celor ce mi-au lasat pana acum mesaje pe facebook si nu numai.

Stiti ca sunt fan 3 SE

Translation in English

Is not a lot to translate.Well...today it's my birthady.The photo is the first page from my custom calendar.I found this calendar few minutes ago when I entered in my room.It was on my bed :))).All calendar pages have pictures of me,old or new,with a particular meaning.I don't think that is relevant to put other pictures of the calendar's pages.:D.This photo is edited.The original, is this photo :

The directions in the first picture are : Cabinet Dr Cojocaru ; Club;Billiards ;Madona Dudu [ my street :)) ]; College;Handball.Were more directions that could be writeen but ..no space for all :))

The song is in romanian.I don't know what you'll understand if I will translate it....Sounds a bit like that " At youre birthday I wish u love...be happy.

A..a little clarification for Linda.In an earlier article I was saying something about a busy day and that I went at a party.That party was not mine.A friend of mine turned 18 in that day.I think you understand that was my birthday.Sorry my bad.I didn't write well.I left there a comment anyway.I was not sure that you've seen the comment.
I thank all who have left messages on my facebook account and not only.
I wrote 2 sentences in Romanian and in English 4 paragraphs. :))

All the best.
Ma inclin.Voie buna.!

P.S.Multumesc pentru calendar mama,A.M. si A.

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