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Brothers of the Left-Parted Hair(BLPH) .:))

Wow.This will be my first written in English andfinally I will make a translation into Romanian.Why I write this post ? Whole thing started yesterday.After I saw "Grwon ups" with Adam Sandler,I wanted to find some pics with him on google.I found an interesting one which was posted on an article by an  U.S blogger-Michael(Too many mornings).I read the article and I enjoyed it very much.I become so intersted in this blogg so I read other articles.One of them was this article  .He wrote in the article the changes he has taken recently.One change was that he part his hair on the left side despite he parted it on the right side for a long time before.I left a comment in wich I said that I part my hair in the left side too.

My greatest surprise was today.After I returned from my training(I play handball) I took a look at his blogg.I saw that he wrote an article about how small is the world.A fragment of what he said,is bellow :

I recently started parting my hair on the left side, and less than a week after announcing it, I received an e-mail from fellow blogger Rares Cojocaru, who also parts his hair on the left side. I was amazed, because Rares is Romanian. Americans have about as much in common with Romania as former Romanian gymnast Nadia Comăneci and American opera singer Deborah Voigt, who was dismissed from a production of Ariadne auf Naxos in London because she’d gained a little too much weight and fans constantly confused her with Mother Earth.
Most Americans don’t even know where Romania is, mistakenly assuming “Romania” is Olde Latin for “Rome” and therefore must be in Belgium. And yet, Rares and I are brothers. Despite the vast expanse of the Black Sea that separates us, we are inexorably bound together by the common comb–or brush, in my case. I have lovely hair, and brush it 100 times every night before I lay me down to sleep. I’m not sure what Rares does, although Romanians are famous for their healthy heads of hair, especially the eternally youthful Romanian vampires.

Wow.So far I don't think I was mentioned on many bloggs(and anyway not at any blog out from Romania).I feel proud that I was put in mind of this blogger, who's not any kind of bloger.It's a peace of cake if u understand me :)).

I feel responsibly to say something about Romania.At the beggining I have to say that ROMANIA is a coutry.Oh yeah.It's not somth to eat..or shit.Is a country from Europe.The pictures save me again.

I don't know what Americans think about us.I konw what French,Italians-That we are all some fucking gypsys who invade their countries and do only bad things.

Well..it's not so.We are a hardworking people,playful,with great history and grate country.(Our contry is not exploited to its values but we have a lot of beautiful places to see : Carpathians gardens,Ardealul,Bucovina,Monasteries of Moldova,Dracula Castle,Black sea...or not..no Black Sea-a carp with seaweed and high prices.)Anyway-a place worth seeing).They steal all over the country for 20 years.-this is the bad luck.Yeah.for 20 years,since Ceausescu was shot.All those are in the leadership of the country,steal.Ok.ok.Almost everyone.

We don;t have highways.OR..yes,we have some shits called highways.Basically,if you drive in Romania it's pretty crappy.Don't get me wrong.I like me country.Yes.It's not good as other countries in Europe like-Finlad for example or Germany,France- but it;s mine,with good and bad.

Maybe my characterization it's not the best.I made a fast one.To be honest,I'm in rush.I have to do my homework at French and this is the hell for me.

Thank you.Thank you Michael,thank my few visitators.Thanks everyone.I appologize for my grammatical mistakes 
P.S. I like to think that I have a healthy hair.(I could even say that I love my hair).I used to part my hear on the left side since I was a kid ‘couse I have 2 (I don’t know how to call) little craps on my head.Everyone has.I think it calls cowlick.Yeah.I have 2 cowlicks.On each side of my forehead.

Regards,Rares Cojocaru.

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