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No Christmas tree yet

I saw few days ago at Michael an article in which he was saying that he has seen the first Christmas tree.Oh God.We are still in November.Not even December.I told him that in Craiova-my city-,they didn't even install the Christmas ornaments.I left him a comment to inform him about the situation in Craiova.

By the way..you should take a look on his blog.Is really funny =)))).His response to the person with Christmas tree was : "Hey, you fucking moron, unless your fucking name is Santa fucking Claus and you’ve got a crew of merry fucking elves building toys in that fucking shithole you call a basement, stuff your fucking tree where the sun don’t shine for another couple of weeks! It’s not even fucking Thanksgiving yet! Celebrate one holiday at a time, you fucking asshole! " ..Awesome.! :)))

Well...they've installed some ornaments in Craiova finally.They've not completed.(Just some big blue globes on the light poles and a kind of ornament..I don't know how they are called...some lights that are lighting in different colors...you will see.)Yesterday evening I went out with a camera to make some pictures.What it came out you see below.( For the entire artilce press the title or ''Aflati mai multe'' )

A..I almost forgot.Last year,Craiova was the most beautiful adorned city in Romania.

Here it will be the rink.I love to skate.

Infront of the clock of Prefecture will be the Christmas tree.A hudge one usually.

About these I was talking above...these lightings..

All the best.!
Ma inclin.Voie buna.!

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