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You, nasty !


(Translation in english at the end)
Uita-te la imaginea de mai jos.Ce vezi ? Si acum citeste explicatia de langa poza sa afli ce trebuia sa vezi.Sunt sigur ca o vei gasi interesanta.

 Studii au arata ca in deosebi copii mici nu pot recunoaste perechea intima,fiindca nu pot asocia aceasta scena cu memoria lor.Ceea ce vad copii sunt 9 delfini)

P.S.Acesta este doar un test pentru a vedea cat de stricat esti.Daca iti trebuie mai mult de 3 secunde pentru a vedea cei 9 delfini,esti cu intr-adevar stricat :)

Transaltion in english(press 'Aflati mai multe' or press the title)

Look at this picture.What do you see ?And now,read the explanation in the right side of the photo to know waht you really have to see.I'm sure that you'll discover it very interesting.

Some studies have shown that kids can not see the intim couple becaouse they can't associate this scene/hypostasis with their memory.

P.S.This si just a test to see how nasty/perverse you are :)).If you need more than 3 second to see the 9 dolphins,you are really nasty/perverse

All the best .!
Ma inclin.Voie buna.!(in rom.:D )

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