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Another winter weekend

When I was thinking "what title could I put at this article ? ",the first one was "Obama is dead" but I realised that I'll produce a lot of fuss and I supposed that White House will not enjoy my title ( in case White House is reading my blog :))-laughing- ).Anyway.Why "Obama is dead " ? Actually I'm not lying.Yesterday morning "Nea Gica" (the butcher)  killed my grandparents Christmas pig,called Obama.I've put this name because he is(infact..he was) bit darker than the rest of our pigs and he was born in the time when Barack Obama won the presidential elections.

Shame on me.I have promissed that I will take a photo to Obama but I haven't kept my promise.In the morning when Obama was cut/killed/sacrificed I was not at village,I was in Craiova 'cause I had to go to a photo shooting.(Iwill tell you more details at the right time).Btw..THX Colce for help  :X

When I arrived at Boureni-my grandparents village- (I went by buss...God..fucking buss with some fucking people called fucking Europeans with shit on their big lauggage wich were put near them on the chair....they were so idiots that they could not see the space for luggage above their chairs or the speciall hatch in the left side of the buss.The only good thing was the music) it was 2.30 p.m..The pig was chopped.I entered in the house.The smell of cooked pork was wonderful.In the house was a bit cold.No one had time to take care of the fire in the stove.

oh...I almost forgot.This time I took my camera with me :-) .After we ate a warm pork soup,roast pork with cabbage and rice and ȘORIC (I don't know to tell.I don't want to "scare" you. Șoric is the skin of pig...you know ?..and  is edible.You cand eat șoric with salt,onion and bread.) ,I went outside to take some photos.

                          Village man(actually a friend of mine ).He was my great grandfather's friezes and barber

More photos- click  "Aflati mai multe"

            The butchers

               Very drunk.He was walking with his eyes closed :))) .LOL.He was coming from another Christmas pig sacrifice where I suppose he has drunk a lot of vodka :X>Ah..I love Romanina people.Especially village men.

That's all .Today I arrived in Craiova but I'm going back for Christmas :D

All the best.!

P.S. Click here  (for a friend)

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