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Isn't easy

it's been a while since I wrote my last article in English. I done a lot of things in the last few weeks. I consider that at my age, time has to be divided between having a good and wonderful social life with having a good education. So I have to focus more on school. Now, I started to like fashion and all theese things that include fashion. I got a model and manechin diploma on a local Modeling Agency.

This evening I was thinking what haircut I could try. I want something interesting, different, u know what I mean ? something extravagant. Sometimes I insipire myself from actors, singers or high-rated men. The men who inspire me are Brad Pitt, George Clooney, David Duchovny, Radu Valcan ( a Romainian television actor) and many others.

My haircut is parted on the left. I wrote here something about that.It's not like fuddy dady, old style. U can check out on my facebook profile.

I uploaded a photo with Brad Pitt one hour ago on facebook and I asked my friends if I should try it. Nobody liked it. Here are more photos. What do you think ? Do you have other idea, overture about haircuts ?

(for the entire article press the title or Aflati mai multe )

This is the photo I've uploaded on facebook.

Radu Vlacan.(Future Rares :))) )

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