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Intre extorsiune si excitament

(Translation at the end.For the enitre article press the title)
Reclama Romulus-ApropoTv.Iaa un Romuluuuss cu tinee :)))
Text-Andi Moisescu

Deci avem asa : un actor de mare angajament,o prezenta absolut surprinzatoare descoperita de un departament de creatie mic dar vesel .

Deci tot birtul ne-a scos din amorteala si de data asta.Sa nu fim modesti.Sunt multe detalii fine care fac ca povestea sa toarca duios.E si lampa,e si tapedul de CD-uri din jurul tarafului,ca sa nu ignoram totusi cel mai important detaliu aruncat in lupta :interpretarea ireprosabila a lui Marius Damian.Pana mai ieri,un bun actor,de cand cu reclama,chiar o mare vedeta.

M.Damian :"Peste tot lumea ma arata cu strada.Am dat un interviu intr-un ziar.Un regizor m-a felicitat..i s-a parut haios.E surprinzator..e ok.

Dragos Raicu(copywriter papaya) : tot ce a trebuit sa fac a fost sa explic savant intamplari altfel banale.

I-a stati putin sa va infatisez banal o infatisare savanta

Trabslation in English:'s a bit difficult for me to translate these tv ads.In Romanina ar soooo funny.LOL.
The first one is much better than the second.This guy who enter in the bar(you can see that it is a specific Romanian bar with people from village) is trying to speak very intelligently.The dialog :
-The barman :What's up ?
The peasant : I was moveing forward with the cow and gently walking towards my beloved home and suddenly we wake up surrounded by a  bee having criminal intent.We interrupted her trajectory and the bee went exactly on the animal's back and stung the cow.The herbivores(the cow) being in excitament,has unbalced me and made me confused and she dragged me up here in repeated contact with the ground
The barman : Well...I give you a vodka Romulus.
The peasant : Absolutely !!!

The song in final part sounds something like : If you want to feel better take a Romulus with you :))

LOOL =))) I don;t know how funny do you see this tv ad but I love it.

Multumesc ApropoTv,Andi Moisescu.

All the best.!
Ma inclinc.Voie buna.!

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