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Family comes first

I saw this movie many times and I can say that it's awesome.I liked Adam Sandler from the beginning.I think he is one of the best comedies actors.Anyway I don't want to write now about Adam Sandler. It is a very emotional film with a very strong message : Family comes first.Remember just how important is for you to stay with your family and vice versa.In fact ,your job is a piece of shit.Take a break.!.Enjoy your life and smile.

(These 2 clips are the sad part..In the rest of the movie it's fun :]] ).


P.S.Another good movie is Bicentennial Man (trust me)
P.S.2. the way.When I discovered Mike's blog ,the first article that I read was about Adam Sandler.It's a great article that made me to read his blog almost daily.

All the best and don't forget to love your family and to say 'I love u' to your dad.

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